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Based in Nassau County, Long Island, the $125 million Living with the Bay project aims to increase the resiliency of communities along the Mill River and around the South Shore’s bays by mitigating damage from storm surges; managing stormwater to mitigate damages from common rain events; improving habitat and water quality; and increasing access to the Mill River through both educational and increased recreational opportunities. These activities will fulfill the four core principals of the Rebuild by Design Grant:


LWTB Core Principals

  1. Flood defense
  2. Ecological restoration
  3. Access and urban quality
  4. Social resiliency

With these Core Principals in mind and in collaboration with its Citizen’s Advisory Committee, Technical Advisory Committee, Local Governments, non-profits, residents, and other stakeholders, GOSR has selected seven infrastructure projects and two social resiliency partners that comprise the Living with the Bay Project.  The infrastructure projects stretch from the northernmost reaches of the Mill River at Hempstead Lake State Park and extend south to Bay Park at the mouth of Hewlett Bay and will be constructed in collaboration with Nassau County, Town of Hempstead, the Village of Rockville Centre, and East Rockaway School District.  GOSR will be completing three Environmental Assessments as part of the permitting and approval of the projects and the complete project portfolio is provided below along with the corresponding EA.

Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)

The Living with the Bay Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) was formed in April 2016 with a kick-off meeting being held on May 24, 2016.  This group represents both local and regional stakeholders with environmental, educational, government, business and civic backgrounds.

*The Living with the Bay CAC is no longer accepting applications*

Members of the CAC include:

Amy Wolf

Andrew Miller

Arthur Mattson

Daniel Horn

Gregory Rinn

James Loglisci

Jay T. Korth

Jim Ruocco

Joseph Landesberg

Justin Corbo

Leslie Price

Linda Marshall

Daniel Caracciolo

David Stern

Joseph Forgione

Raymond Pagano

Shelley Brazley

Brien Weiner

Brian G. Schwagerl, Esq.

Lauren Hill










Construction — Hempstead Lake State Park


Construction — Smith Pond Drainage Improvements


Construction— East Rockaway High School Hardening


Construction— Lister Park


Construction— Long Beach Extension


Construction— Greenway Network


Construction— E/W Blvd.


Social Resilience Program


Program Delivery


Total Allocated Budget






Study, Research Planning: This Phase will outline all additional studies, research and planning needed prior to the design and engineering phase. As necessary, this phase will be incorporated into the Environmental Review and Permitting stage as well as the Engineering Phase. Quarter 1 2014 Quarter 2 2017
Preliminary Environmental Scope Development: This phase will be an additional step for the Living with the Bay Project. The complexity of the project as currently envisioned, as well as the size of the potential study area, will require careful consideration prior to formally commencing the Environmental Review and Permitting Stage. At the same time, given the need for an expedient schedule, this preliminary phase will allow certain environmental tasks to be performed in anticipation of the formal review.  Concurrent with the study, research and planning phase, the State will conduct preliminary environmental scoping activities. This additional planning and scope development is essential to planning a cogent and implementable project to meet the objectives of Rebuild by Design. Quarter 4 2014 Quarter 2 2018
Environmental Review and Permitting: This Phase will include scoping for and preparation of an environmental review consistent with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), as well as the submittal of permits applications to the appropriate governmental agencies. This Phase will include significant opportunities for public review and comment, as well as intergovernmental consultation.  Additionally, as required by State and federal law, the environmental review will evaluate alternatives to the proposed project. This timeline is meant to represent an overview of the expected Environmental Review Process for all aspects of the Living with the Bay Project. It should be noted that the environmental review and permitting timeline is dependent on the permitting requirements of agencies with jurisdiction, including the United States Army Corps of Engineers, NOAA-NMFS, USFWS and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Quarter 1 2017 Quarter 4 2020
Design and Engineering: This phase will include all design and engineering work required for the Living with the Bay culminating with complete construction specs. Depending on the progress and outcome of the Environmental Review and Permitting process, this process will be able to run concurrently for some components of the project. This phase will include any and all necessary procurement and contracting as appropriate. Quarter 1 2017 Quarter 4 2020
Site Development: This Phase will include all necessary elements for site development from the Design and Engineering Phase that will prepare for the construction phase of the Living with the Bay project. GOSR will evaluate a potential phased site development schedule for different project components (e.g., upland components and in-water components). Quarter 2 2020 Quarter 2 2021
Construction: This Phase will include all elements of construction related to the Living with the Bay project outlined in the Design and Engineering Phase. For the Living with the Bay project, the timeline is extended to reflect that the nature of the project will only allow for construction in specific building seasons. GOSR will evaluate a potential phase construction schedule for different project components (e.g., upland components and in-water components). Quarter 2 2020 Quarter 3 2022
Closeout: This phase will include the closeout of the entire project, including but not limited to: final site visits and review, release of final contingency payments and all applicable CBDG-DR construction closeout requirements. Quarter 3 2022 Quarter 4 2022

To view this project's environmental documents, click here.


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