Weatherization Assistance Program

Weatherization Preservation Plus (P+) Initiative - Notice of Funding Availability & Request for Proposals

Weatherization Preservation Plus (P+) Initiative - Notice of Funding Availability & Request for Proposals


The New York State Housing Trust Fund Corporation ("HTFC or "the Corporation") is establishing the Weatherization Preservation Plus ("P+") Initiative. The purpose of the P+ initiative is to invest state funds in physical improvements and energy upgrades to particular rental housing portfolios in New York that are presently receiving federal or state rental assistance, or other types of affordable housing deemed to be a priority by HTFC. These investments will protect the safety of families, enhance building energy and operating efficiency, preserve affordability, and improve the quality of life for low income tenants. P+ will be funded with resources available to HTFC but will largely utilize the existing delivery model for the federal Weatherization Assistance Program ("WAP"), which is administered in New York within the Division of Housing and Community Renewal ("DHCR"). However, P+ will go beyond the limits of the typical WAP work scope to provide for a deeper, more comprehensive retrofit.

Through this NOFA, HTFC will select and contract with a limited number of organizations to serve as "Regional Subgrantees." Organizations must currently be under contract as a subgrantee with DHCR’s Weatherization Assistance Program in order to apply. Regional Subgrantees will administer P+ funds and complete assigned projects on an as needed basis in their assigned geographic region(s). To apply, Subgrantees must be in good standing in regard to their WAP contract, with all fiscal or field monitoring issues addressed to the satisfaction of DHCR. Organizations must also be in compliance with any other applicable state and federal laws.

The P+ Initiative will target certain types of housing portfolios that are considered a priority for HTFC. In 2019, HTFC allocated up to $7 million for P+, specifically targeting properties in its Section 8 Performance Based Contract Administration ("PBCA") portfolio. Other housing portfolios to be served in the future may include, but are not limited to, HCR-financed, existing properties, privately-owned buildings without affordable financing, properties receiving Federal Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers, and those receiving state rental assistance from the Rural Rental Assistance Program ("RRAP"). HTFC anticipates executing five-year contracts with Regional Subgrantees by 2020.


Please note the time change for the P+ Application Workshop.  The workshop is being moved to 10:30 am.  Call-in information for those unable to attend in person is listed below.


Thursday, September 12, 2019

10:30 am  |  (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)  |  


1-844-633-8697 US Toll Free

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Attendee access code: 142 867 48

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