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Access to Home for Heroes/Veterans

Access to Home for Heroes/Veterans


The Access to Home for Heroes (formerly known as Access to Home for Veterans) program provides financial assistance to make dwelling units accessible for low- and moderate income veterans living with a disability. Assistance with the cost of adapting homes to meet the needs of those with disabilities will enable veterans to safely and comfortably live in their residences instead of residing in an institutional setting.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible program administrator applicants are not-for-profit corporations and municipalities throughout New York State. Not-for-profit and municipal awardees provide assistance to eligible participants.

Eligible Participants

Eligible participants are individuals that meet the three criteria below:

  • The individual is a Veteran;
  • The Veteran’s income is at or below 120 percent of area median income; and
  • The Veteran has disability. This is defined as a permanent physical or medical impairment which prevents the exercise of a bodily function, substantially limits a major life activity or which is demonstrable by medically accepted clinical or laboratory diagnostic techniques.

The assisted residential unit must be the primary, permanent residence of the eligible participant. The primary residence may be owner-occupied or a rental unit. Applicants proposing to assist rental units must ensure that Access to Home for Heroes funds are not used to replace other resources available to building owners. Owners of rental units who are obligated to provide accessibility improvements as a condition of receiving other governmental assistance may not use Access to Home for Heroes funds to pay for those improvements.

Eligible Activities

Grant funds may be used to assist homeowners to complete accessibility modifications to adapt or retrofit homes for Veterans disabilities. Examples include: wheelchair ramps and lifts, handrails, doorway widening, and roll-in showers.

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