BEHAF Family

Buffalo East Homeowner Assistance Fund (BEHAF)

Buffalo East Homeowner Assistance Fund (BEHAF)


Income Eligibility:
All applicants applying from the targeted zip codes are income eligible to apply for this program.

Ownership Eligibility:
Applicants must be the legal owner of a 1-4 unit family single family home located in one of the target zip codes.

Primary Residence

Applicants must occupy their 1-4 unit home as their primary residence (the home you reside in during most of the calendar year).

Eligible Awards

Applicants who are behind on Water, Sewer, Property Tax, School Tax or User Fees may apply to settle any outstanding arrears up to $50,000. Payments will be made directly to the third party creditors (city, county, water authority, etc.)

Regulatory Period

Homeowners who receive an award under this program will sign a grant agreement requiring they remain in the home with no sale and no refinance for a period of 5 years.


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