Buffalo East Homeowner Improvement Program (BEHIP)

Buffalo East Homeowner Improvement Program (BEHIP)


Income Eligibility:
Homeowners must earn less than 80% of the Area Median Income to be eligible for the maximum award. Smaller awards may be granted to homeowners who earn less than 110% of the Area Median Income. (An Area Median Income Chart may be found on our website:

In addition, applicants must be reviewed for an asset test to ensure they do not have more than $15,000 in liquid assets at the time of application.

Ownership Eligibility:
Applicants must be the legal owner of a 1-4 unit family single family home located in one of the target zip codes.

Please Note:

Due to high interest in the Buffalo East Homeowner Improvement Program, the program will be accepting additional  applications through September 6th.

After September 6th all interested applicants will be asked to join our waiting list and the program will contact wait-listed homeowners if additional resources become available in the future. 

To join the waitlist, homeowners can: 

Primary Residence

Applicants must occupy their 1-4 unit home as their primary residence (the home you reside in during most of the calendar year).

Eligible Awards

Awards will be made on based on the actual repair needs of the home which may include any issues related to health and safety, and  general system upgrades needed to comply with local codes, including replacement of systems that would extend the useful life of the property. 

Award Amounts

Awards will be capped at no more than $35,000 per homeowner, however, exceptions will be made when the repair is fundamental to health and safety of the dwelling.

Regulatory Period

Homeowners who receive an award under this program will sign a 10-year regulatory agreement. The award will be forgiven on a declining balance amortization schedule, such that the full award will be fully forgiven if the homeowner remains in the home with a sale or refinance for the full 10 years.


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