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Community Development Block Grant CARES Act

Community Development Block Grant CARES Act


NYS Homes and Community Renewal’s Office of Community Renewal (OCR) administers CDBG funding to support communities throughout the state by providing funding for decent housing and suitable living environments for low-and moderate-income persons.

The 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, or commonly referred to as the CARES Act, allows CDBG funds to be used to prepare, prevent, and/or respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 has presented hardships all over the state. Unlike other CDBG funding rounds, CDBG-CV funds are open to both non-entitlement and entitlement communities. Entitlement communities are units of local government that receive an annual allocation of funds directly from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development or, HUD. OCR proposes to utilize up to $127 Million in CDBG-CV funds to help communities throughout the state to safely reopen and restart their local economies in the wake of COVID-19. HCR proposes funding for a series of activities to prevent the spread of the virus, respond to the impacts of the virus, safely reopen and prepare businesses and facilities for new safety protocols.

The approved uses of CDBG CARES funding granted to New York by HUD fall under four general categories: Small Business Assistance, Public Facilities/Infrastructure, Housing Improvements, and Public Services. CDBG CV applications will be evaluated on a non-competitive, rolling basis. Applicants are strongly encouraged to look at all the potential eligible needs in their communities before submitting a proposal.

OCR will use an open round (non-competitive) process to accept applications for assistance. A project consultation form must be submitted to confirm activity eligibility and for technical assistance prior to submitting a full application. The intention of the consultation stage is to ensure that the project is eligible for CDBG assistance, and the project will comply with a National Objective and the COVID-19 nexus. OCR staff will provide technical assistance at this stage based on information provided in the consultation form and provide authorization to proceed with a full application when ready.

Applicants for NYS CDBG funds are required to meet Citizen Participation requirements by issuing a public notice and holding a public hearing prior to submitting an application.  Evidence of these requirements is a threshold item for application eligibility. Project activities must not commence prior to award and approval of environmental materials by the Office of Community Renewal. All proposed activities must meet critical thresholds that include but are not limited to; can be completed within 12 months of the award, compliance with HUD’s National Objectives, are a unit of local government, and explicitly prevent, prepare for and respond to Coronavirus.

Funding Materials

Application Deadline Extended for Community Development Block Grant CARES Act Funding NOFA

HCR will continue to accept applications following the August 27, 2021 deadline stated in the CDBG-CV (CARES Act) Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) issued March 2021. The application will remain open until a new CDBG-CV (CARES Act) NOFA is issued. A new NOFA is anticipated in the fall of 2021.


CDBG-CV (CARES Act) Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)
CDBG-CV (CARES Act) Request for Applications (RFA)


Fillable Forms:
CDBG-CV (CARES Act) Project Consultation Form
CDBG-CV (CARES Act) Application
Duplication of Benefits Worksheet


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