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Community Development Block Grant Economic Development Program

Community Development Block Grant Economic Development Program


The Office of Community Renewal recognizes that New York's smaller communities must have an economy that encourages business development and promotes jobs for low- and moderate-income persons.  Through the Office of Community Renewal's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Economic Development program, the Office of Community Renewal provides grants to communities that wish to sponsor economic development activities that create or retain jobs for low- and moderate-income persons.  The goal of the program is to fund projects that result in high quality, full-time jobs that are well paying and provide benefits and training to low- and moderate-income persons.

The NYS CDBG Economic Development program consists of three funding activities:
Economic Development, Small Business Assistance, and Microenterprise.  Eligible applicants must apply on behalf of the business seeking CDBG funds. Awards are made to the applicant community and not directly to businesses.  Economic development funds are flexible and can be used for most legitimate business purposes.

The CDBG Economic Development, Small Business Assistance, and Microenterprise Applications operate through an Open Round process in the Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) portal. The Open Round applications involve a two-step process. First, an applicant must complete a preliminary application called the Pre-Submission Form. The Pre-Submission Form will be reviewed by the Office of Community Renewal. If the Pre-Submission form meets CDBG program requirements, the applicant will receive a formal invitation to apply. The invitation to apply will allow the applicant to proceed to the second step, the full application. An applicant must complete the full application in the CFA portal within 60 days of the invitation to apply.

The Open Round process for CDBG Economic Development, Small Business Assistance, and Microenterprise do not share the CFA deadline. Open Round applications may be submitted throughout the year. A CFA request for CDBG Economic Development, Small Business, or Microenterprise Assistance cannot include requests for other funding sources within the same application.

Applicants for NYS CDBG funds are required to meet Citizen Participation requirements by issuing a public notice and holding a public hearing prior to submitting an application.  Evidence of these requirements is a threshold item for application eligibility. 

Project activities must not commence prior to award and approval of environmental materials by the Office of Community Renewal.

There are three funding categories under the NYS CDBG Economic Development Program: (1) Economic Development, (2) Small Business Assistance, and (3) Microenterprise.

Economic Development and Small Business funds are available to municipalities to assist for-profit businesses to create or retain permanent employment, primarily for persons of low- and moderate-income. Microenterprise funds are available to municipalities to create opportunities for the development of businesses within 5 or fewer employees, including the owner, that promote employment opportunities for persons of low-to-moderate income.


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Forms and Documents

Grant Agreement Forms 
Fillable Forms:Instructions:
Authorized Signature Form For Request For Funds1-1 Instructions for Authorized Signature Form
ACH/Direct Deposit Authorization of NYS CDBG Funds1-2 Instructions for Designation of Depository Form
7-2 Program Schedule Form7-2 Instructions for Program Schedule
8-1 Project Team8-1 Project Team Instructions
Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire (VRQ) 
Certification Under Executive Order No. 16 
FFATA Reporting Form 
 Environmental Review Forms
Fillable Forms:Instructions:
2-1 Designation of Certifying Officer 
2-3 Certification of NEPA Classification2-3 Certification of NEPA Classification 
2-3A Certification of SEQRA Classification2-3A Certification of SEQRA Classification 
2-4 NEPA Classification Checklist2-4 NEPA Classification Checklist
Form 2-5 Statutory ChecklistForm 2-5 Statutory Checklist
Form 2-5A Statutory ChecklistForm 2-5A Statutory Checklist
2-6 Environmental Assessment Checklist2-6 Environmental Assessment Factors Guidance
1-3 Request for Release of Funds Form1-3 Instructions for Request for Release of Funds
Tier 2 Template ChecklistTier 2 Template Checklist Instructions
Categorically Excluded 24 CFR 58.35(b) Sample Template 
Disbursement of CDBG Funds
Fillable Forms:Instructions:
1-6 Economic Development Request for FundsRequest for Funds Instructions
1-6B Microenterprise Business Project Summary1-6B Microenterprise Business Project Summary Instructions
CDBG Reporting
Fillable Forms:Instructions:
Labor Standards Enforcement Report 2018-2019 
APR ED/SB/ME ActivitiesAPR ED/SB/ME Activities Instructions
9-1 Federal Assistance Expenditure Form9-1 Federal Assistance Expenditure Form Instructions
Family Income FormFamily Income Form Instructions
CDBG Program Income ReportCDBG Program Income Fact Sheet
CDBG Application for CBDO CertificationCDBG Application for CBDO Certification Instructions
Job Creation and Interview Log 
General Grant Administration
Fillable Forms:Instructions:
Budget Modification FormBudget Modification Form Instructions
HTFC HCR Returned Funds Coversheet 
HTFC Photo Release Form 
Exhibit 1-1 CDBG Local Recipient Admin PlanLocal Administrative Plan instructions
Project File Checklist 
 Sample Templates
Fillable Forms
Equipment Certification
Hiring Notice
Preliminary Business Summary
Admin-Program Delivery Coversheet
Disbursement Coversheet
Subrecipient Consultant Monitoring Template

Program Guidelines


Cities, towns, and villages located in non-entitlement areas with a population under 50,000 and counties with an unincorporated population of 200,000 are eligible to apply for CDBG funding. Eligible applicants must be in substantial compliance with all applicable State and Federal laws, regulations, and Executive Orders that pertain to the CDBG Program.



New York State Regional Economic Development Regions


Business Expansion and Startup (BEST) Program Guidelines
Fillable Forms:
2024 CDBG Business Expansion and Startup (BEST) RFA
Fillable Forms:
Toolkit Guidance & Index
Program Design Plan (sample)
Local Grant Application (sample)
Local Grant Agreement Guidance
Training Syllabus (sample)
CDBG Microenterprise FAQ's

Grant Administration Manual

Funding Round Materials


OCR On The Ground
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VIDEO: OCR On The Ground - Using the LMI Date Tool Guidance


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VIDEO: OCR On The Ground - Updated APR Guidance


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VIDEO: OCR On The Ground – CDBG Disbursements


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VIDEO: OCR On The Ground - Federal Single Audit


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