Minority and Women Owned Businesses

Compliance and Opportunities

MWBE & SDVOB Certification Links

MWBE Seeking Certification: Visit NYS Empire State Development

SDVOB Seeking Certification: Visit NYS Office of General Services

Program Regulations

MWBE Regulations

NYS Executive Law Article 15-A and 5 NYCRR parts 142-144 were signed into law to promote employment and business opportunities on State contracts for minority and women-owned businesses. The regulations cover all State contracts:

in excess of $25,000 for labor, services, equipment, materials or any combination.

in excess of $100,000 for real property renovations and construction.


SDVOB Regulations

New York State Executive Law Article 17-B and 9 CRR-NY GI 252 governs requirements for the participation of SDVOBs in New York State contracting. The objective of Article 17-B is to expand opportunities for SDVOBs, primarily through increased participation in New York State contracting.

Resources for Current MWBE and SDVOB Certified Organizations

-  New York State "Bridge to Success Loan Program

-  Procurement Opportunities: click here

-  For assistance identifying statewide opportunities within HCR: [email protected]

-  For contracting opportunities with other state agencies/authorities please visit the NYS Contract Reporter at www.nyscr.ny.gov

-  For MWBEs and SDVOBs looking for construction Opportunities within the HCR funded projects and to establish relationships for future projects, please use the following contact listing: