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Fall 2019 Multifamily Finance 9% RFP

Fall 2019 Multifamily Finance 9% RFP


Homes and Community Renewal is tasked with providing financing opportunities for the new construction, preservation and adaptive reuse of quality housing across the state.


By working together with private, public and nonprofit partners to create safe, healthy and affordable housing opportunities for all New Yorkers, we are constantly exploring ways that we can deploy the state’s resources in a more efficient and effective manner.


That is why we are introducing a new competitive process for our 9% Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program.


The new HCR Multifamily Finance 9% RFP (formerly known as the Unified Funding RFP) is a competitive process used to award 9% Low-Income Housing Tax Credits and subsidy financing to sponsors proposing affordable and supportive multifamily housing projects that address a wide range of needs identified as part of the state’s housing goals. 


The new 9% RFP process will be more accessible to sponsors, improve the quality of projects so they continue to align state housing goals, and streamline the review of applications for HCR staff.


The application materials provided below include documents that applicants need to apply for funds. Applicants should refer to the RFP and program Term Sheets to determine eligibility and submission requirements for each program.

Webinar - October 23, 2019

A Webinar was held on October 23rd, 2019 to provide an overview of the RFP components. This webinar was recorded and is available below.

View the Fall 2019 Multifamily Finance 9% Application Webinar

RFP and Term Sheets

Application Materials

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Qualified Allocation Plan

Part 2040 Low-Income Housing Credit Qualified Allocation Plan

Section 2040.14 New York State Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program

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