HCR Governance

Specific Agency Information

Listed below is specific information required by the Public Authorities Reform Act of 2009:

Report on Operations and Accomplishments

Authority Mission Statements

Performance Measures and Reports

Schedules of Debt

Agency Board Members


Agency Senior Staff

  • HCR Organization Chart - Currently Under Revision

Assessment of Internal Control Structure and Procedures:

Enabling Statutes

List of Committees


Committee Members:

Board Minutes:


Code of Ethical Conduct for Officers and Employees:

Code Ethical Conduct for Members and Directors:

Code of Ethical Conduct for Members and Directors – Guidance

Budget Report:

Independent Audits and Audit Reports:

Independent Audit Report on Internal Controls and Management Letter:

Procurement and Contract Guidelines:

Annual Procurement Reports

Guidelines for Uses of Certain Financial Hedges:

Investment Guidelines:

Investment Policies:

Annual Investment Report:

Lobbying Policies:

Lobbying Contact Record

No AHC Contact Record Available at this time

Whistleblower Policy and Procedures:

Policy for the Use of Agency Discretionary Funds

Prompt Payment Policy