Important Rent Update Notices

New Individual Apartment Improvement Reporting Requirements

HCR Has Launched New Individual Apartment Improvement Reporting Requirements

On February 3, 2020, HCR’s Office of Rent Administration has released its new online service that will enable building owners to report information, required by law, concerning Individual Apartment Improvements (IAIs) for apartments subject to Rent Stabilization or Rent Control. HCR has also released related revisions to Operational Bulletin 2016-1, Individual Apartment Improvements.

To file these forms, building owners will need to access HCR’s Owners Rent Regulation Application (ORRA) system on the HCR website. Those owners who have never previously accessed ORRA will be required to email [email protected] to acquire a User ID and Password.  For the required information to include in the email, visit the ORRA webpage at Please note, paper submissions of these forms will not be accepted.

The Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act (HSPTA) of 2019 required HCR to develop a Notification Form to be filed with HCR by building owners for all IAIs made in vacant and occupied apartments. The filing of the Notification Form needs to be accompanied by Before and After photographs of the subject improvement(s), which will be maintained by DHCR in an electronic format. If the IAI was made in an occupied apartment an accompanying signed Tenants Informed Consent Form must also be filed.