Mitchell-Lama Automated Waiting List Apps (AWL)

Mitchell-Lama Automated Waiting List System (AWL)

Welcome to the Mitchell-Lama Automated Waiting List (AWL). This web-based system enables State-supervised housing companies to store and process applicant information more efficiently. The functions below  make the waiting lists at these developments available to the public while safeguarding the confidentiality of personal applicant information.

Frequently asked questions concerning the AWL are answered below. Specific questions about your application, or the marketing information displayed by these functions, should be directed to the development's management office.


General Waiting List Report - This report provides basic marketing and contact information for the selected development and enables the user to generate transfer and admission waiting lists for each available apartment size showing the position, number and date of active applications.

Waiting List Position Query - This query provides basic marketing and contact information for the selected development and enables applicants to check their current waiting list position by entering their application number.

Update Contact Information - This link allows an active admission applicant to submit an online request to update their address and telephone number(s) on file with a housing company. The housing company has the right to accept or reject any changes submitted online.

Frequently Asked Questions for Mitchell-Lama Automated Waiting List (AWL) Public Access Functions

The Mitchell-Lama development I applied to doesn't appear on the dropdown lists.

Contact the development's management office to find out who the supervisory agency is. The NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development also supervises Mitchell-Lamas, but only HCR supervised developments are on the AWL system. If HCR is the supervisory agency, it is also possible that the development is known by, and listed under, another name or is not on the AWL yet.

The development I applied to is not on the AWL system yet. When can I expect this to happen?

We expect that all HCR supervised Mitchell-Lama developments will eventually be on the AWL. Contact the development's management office to find out if they have a projected conversion date.

I applied to a development on HCR's AWL system and received an application number, but I can't find the number on their waiting list.

If you applied recently, your application might not have been entered into the system yet. If that's not the case, and you applied before the development was converted to the AWL, your application number would have been changed during the conversion. Another possibility is that your application may have been inactivated by the housing company. Please contact the development's management office for information.

I'm further down on the waiting list than I was the last time I checked. Does this mean something is wrong?

Not necessarily. Inactivated applicants can be reinstated by the housing company for good cause or as the result of an HCR appeal determination, and this can negatively affect your position on the waiting list. In addition, at developments with open waiting lists, changes in the family composition of applicants who applied before you did can negatively affect your position.

I know there has been some turnover of apartments at the development I applied to for admission, but my position on the waiting list hasn't changed.

HCR Mitchell-Lama developments give preference to transfer applicants for three out of every four apartments of each size that become available. Consequently, admission waiting lists do not move as quickly as transfer waiting lists do.

Is it still necessary to submit address and telephone number changes to a housing development in writing?

Mitchell-Lama applicants are required to inform the housing development of any change in address or family composition within 30 days of such occurrence. Admissions applicants can now submit address and telephone number updates using the Update Contact Information form. Transfer applicants must still submit these changes in writing. Changes in family composition for both admission and transfer applications must still be submitted in writing.

The Update Contact Information online form keeps giving me the error 'No records found that match your request'. What should I do?

You should contact the housing development. It's possible that the application number or head/co-head of household information you are entering doesn't agree with the information on file. Also, contact information for transfer applications cannot be submitted online.

I received an email that my address change was rejected, what should I do?

Housing developments have the right to reject changes submitted online. Contact the housing development to find out why your change was rejected.

I am on more than one Mitchell-Lama waiting list. Do I need to submit the online change form to each housing development?

Yes, you must submit an online change form to each housing development to which you apply.