Mobile & Manufactured Homes

Mobile & Manufactured Home Replacement Program (MMHR)

Mobile & Manufactured Home Replacement Program (MMHR)


The New York State funded Mobile and Manufactured Home Replacement (MMHR) Program was developed to assist low- and moderate-income homeowners to replace dilapidated mobile or manufactured homes that are sited on land owned by the homeowner with a new manufactured, modular or site-built home.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants for the MMHR Program are qualified units of local government and not-for-profit corporations with substantial experience in affordable housing.

Participant Eligibility

An eligible participant must meet the following criteria:

  • Property is the primary residence of the homeowner, and the existing unit is sited on land owned by the homeowner.
  • Household income not to exceed eighty percent (80%) of the area median income.
Eligible Activities

Costs related to the replacement of dilapidated mobile or manufactured homes will be eligible for grant reimbursement. These costs include, but are not limited to:

  • Demolition, removal, disposal of the dilapidated units;
  • Purchase and site prep for new unit;
  • Temporary relocation assistance
  • Permitting, environmental review and testing.

Forms & Documents

Program Manual

Funding Round Materials


Municipalities and not-for-profit organizations are eligible to apply for Mobile & Manufactured Home Replacement program resources, homeowners and individuals are not eligible to apply directly to HCR for assistance. Once selected for funding, these municipalities and not-for-profit organizations become “Local Program Administrators” and provide assistance to eligible homeowners. A list of grants currently available through Local Program Administrators and a directory of a statewide network of housing and community development not-for-profits is available online, here: