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Mortgage Payoff


Frequently asked questions regarding loan satisfaction for a SONYMA Loan.


How can I request a payoff statement?

Contact your servicing bank (where you make your monthly mortgage payments) and request a payoff statement.


Is there a cost for requesting a payoff statement?

A payoff request can be created and mailed for free.


How long does it take to obtain a payoff?

Depending on the servicer, it can take up to 15 business days.


How will the lien be released from the property once the mortgage has been paid off?

The servicer will complete a Satisfaction of Mortgage and send it to the county clerk for recording.


How can I have my down payment assistance (DPAL) loan released from a satisfied loan?

In the same manner as a primary loan, the servicer will complete a satisfaction 

This can be done at the end of the recapture period, which is 10 years after the closing date.

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*** SONYMA does not accept loan applications or service loans directly. However, for matters which cannot be addressed by a SONYMA Participating Lender or Loan Servicer, consumers, regulatory agencies, and other parties may call 800-382-HOME to escalate to SONYMA directly. ***