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New York Main Street

Strengthening the economic vitality of New York's traditional Main Streets and neighborhoods


New York Main Street provides financial resources and technical assistance to communities to strengthen the economic vitality of the State's traditional Main Streets and neighborhoods. The New York Main Street grant program provides funds to units of local government, and not-for-profit organizations that are committed to revitalizing historic downtowns, mixed-use neighborhood commercial districts, and village centers.

Main Street grants are revitalizing New York State’s downtowns through targeted commercial/residential improvements such as façade renovations, interior commercial and residential building upgrades, and streetscape enhancements. NYMS funds are not available for building demolition or new construction.

Eligible Applicants

Eligible Applicants for the NYMS Program are Units of Local Government or organizations incorporated under the NYS Not-for-Profit Corporation Law that have been providing relevant service to the community for at least one year prior to application.

Eligible Target Areas

The Project(s) must be located in an eligible target area. An eligible target area shall mean an area: (i) that has experienced sustained physical deterioration, decay, neglect, or disinvestment; (ii) has a number of substandard buildings or vacant residential or commercial units; and (iii) in which more than fifty percent of the residents are persons of low income, or which is designated by a state or federal agency to be eligible for a community or economic development program.
Applicants are encouraged to identify well-defined Main Street areas to maximize the impact that the local program will have on the community. There is a preference for funding proposals where contiguous buildings will be assisted, maximizing the impact of the investment. The proposed activities must be carried out in a program target area of generally no more than three contiguous blocks which has experienced sustained physical deterioration, decay, neglect, or disinvestment, and has a number of substandard buildings or vacant residential or commercial units.

Eligible Activities

Building Renovation: Matching grants may be awarded to building owners for renovation of mixed-use buildings. Building Renovation grant funds are used to renovate facades, storefronts and commercial interiors, with additional funding available for direct assistance to residential units. Streetscape enhancement funds are available for activities that enhance the renovation projects on a corridor such as planting trees, installing permanent fixtures such as street furniture and trash cans. A streetscape enhancement grant will only be awarded as an activity ancillary to a building renovation project and cannot be applied for on its own.

Downtown Anchor: Matching grants may be awarded to a building owner for renovation of a standalone, single site project. NYMS Downtown Anchor grant funds are used for interior and/or exterior building renovations. These funds are intended to help establish or expand cultural, residential or business anchors that are key to local revitalization efforts through substantial renovations. Downtown Anchor projects should be “shovel ready” at the time of application.

Technical Assistance: Grants are available to assist projects that will directly improve a community’s capacity or readiness to administer a future New York Main Street building renovation program.

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2024 New York Main Street (NYMS) Program Application Training

2024 NYMS Application Training Webinar Part I 
This presentation will provide an overview of the New York Main Street program, eligible activities, application process, and how to determine applicant, target area, and project eligibility.

Presentation PDF: 2024 NYMS Application Training - Part I
Recording link:

2024 NYMS Application Training Webinar Part II 
This presentation will provide a more detailed discussion of the New York Main Street program and application process. We will review the content of the 2024 NYMS application and provide tips on preparing a competitive application including identifying common deficiencies in unsuccessful applications. All applicants submitting a 2024 Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) should participate.

Presentation PDF: 2024 NYMS Application Training - Part II
Recording link: 2024 NYMS Application Training Webinar Part II - WebEx Enterprise Site 

Applications must be submitted by Wednesday, July 31, 2024 by 4:00 pm.


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