ProHousing Conference 2024
February 7, 2024

Governor Hochul Celebrates First Milestone For New York's Pro-Housing Communities Program As More Than 80 Localities Launch Applications

Governor Hochul Celebrates First Milestone For New York's Pro-Housing Communities Program As More Than 80 Localities Launch Applications
Twenty Localities From Long Island, Mid-Hudson, Central New York, Western New York, Mohawk Valley, Southern Tier, North Country and Capital Regions Recognized for Their Commitment to Housing Growth – 81 Localities Have Started or Completed Applications to Date
Pro-Housing Communities Will Receive Priority Consideration Over Other Localities for Up to $650 Million in State Discretionary Funds; Under State of the State Proposal, Certification Would Be Required to Access These Funds
Builds on Governor’s Long-Term Strategy to Promote Housing Growth – Including 2024 State of the State Agenda to Increase New York’s Housing Supply

Applications and Program Page Available Here

Governor Kathy Hochul today celebrated the certification of New York’s first Pro-Housing Communities as part of her long-term strategy to support local efforts to build more housing statewide. The state’s first 20 Pro-Housing Communities include localities in the Long Island, Mid-Hudson, Central New York, Western New York, Mohawk Valley, Southern Tier, North Country, and Capital Regions. The certification, first announced by Governor Hochul last year as part of a package of Executive Actions to increase the housing supply, recognizes localities committed to housing growth and gives them priority consideration over other localities for up to $650 million in state discretionary funding. As part of her 2024 State of the State, Governor Hochul proposed strengthening the Pro-Housing Communities program by making the certification a requirement for communities to access state discretionary funds.  

“These 20 communities — and more than 60 others who have started their applications — are taking a stand to build a better, more prosperous, and more affordable future for New York,” Governor Hochul said. “The only way to solve the housing crisis is to build hundreds of thousands of new homes, and through the Pro-Housing Communities program, my administration is continuing to put its full-fledged support, including up to $650 million, behind communities that are serious about housing growth.” 

Homes and Community Renewal Commissioner RuthAnne Visnauskas said, “We are thrilled to announce the first localities to be certified as Pro-Housing Communities and congratulate our government partners for such a tremendous accomplishment. By directly linking up to $650 million in discretionary funds to certification, Governor Hochul is incentivizing municipalities to do more to ease the housing crunch being felt in every region of the state. HCR will continue to work closely with New York’s local governments on the certification process and we look forward to announcing additional certified communities throughout the year ahead.” 

The 20 communities receiving Pro-Housing certification are:

  • The city of Binghamton (Southern Tier)
  • The village of Canajoharie (Mohawk Valley)
  • The town of Canton (North Country)
  • The village of Canton (North Country)
  • The village of Croton-on-Hudson (Mid-Hudson)
  • The village of Dryden (Southern Tier)
  • The city of Dunkirk (Western New York)
  • The village of Johnson City (Southern Tier)
  • The city of Kingston (Mid-Hudson)
  • The town of Lowville (North Country)
  • The village of Mineola (Long Island)
  • The town of New Lebanon (Capital Region)
  • The city of New Rochelle (Mid-Hudson)
  • The city of Newburgh (Mid-Hudson)
  • The town of North Elba (North Country)
  • The town of Plattsburgh (North Country)
  • The city of Poughkeepsie (Mid-Hudson)
  • The village of Pulaski (Central New York)
  • The town of Red Hook (Mid-Hudson)
  • The city of White Plains (Mid-Hudson) 

Pro-Housing Community Program

In 2023, Governor Hochul signed an Executive Order to establish the Pro-Housing Community Program in order to recognize and reward municipalities actively working to unlock their housing potential and encourage others to follow suit. Localities that have successfully unlocked housing growth or committed to taking important steps to support housing, such as by streamlining permitting and adopting pro-housing policies, and that have applied and submitted critical housing and zoning data to the state, will receive a certification from New York State Homes and Community Renewal that will make them eligible for $650 million in state discretionary funding. The discretionary funding programs include:  

  • Downtown Revitalization Initiative, administered by the Department of State;  
  • NY Forward, administered by the Department of State;  
  • Regional Council Capital Fund, administrated by Empire State Development;  
  • New York Main Street, administered by New York State Homes and Community Renewal;  
  • Market New York capital grants, administered by Empire State Development;  
  • Long Island Investment Fund, administered by Empire State Development;  
  • Mid-Hudson Momentum Fund, administered by Empire State Development; and  
  • Public Transportation Modernization Enhancement Program, administrated by the Department of Transportation   

Localities who submit documentation that their housing stock has increased by one percent in the previous year or 3 percent over the previous three years (downstate) or by 0.33 percent in the last year or 1 percent over the previous three years (upstate) will qualify for the certification. Communities that have not yet seen housing growth can also achieve Pro-Housing Community designation by passing a resolution stating their commitment to Pro-Housing principles along with submitting the required housing and zoning data.            

HCR is reviewing program applications on a rolling basis and will provide approval or denial within 90 days of submission. Applications are available here on the program website.  

Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham said, “Today, the City of Binghamton was recognized as the first city in New York State to receive the Governor’s Pro-Housing Communities designation. This announcement underscores years of work by the City to support new housing of all kinds, stepping up to attract housing developers, streamline construction approvals and help realize the projects residents deserve. With this designation, the City of Binghamton is now positioned to receive priority in State grant applications to fund key priorities, including projects to revitalize neighborhoods, spur economic development and improve quality of life. Housing is an investment in our future and I look forward to this continued effort with Governor Hochul. Binghamton is delivering what residents deserve – vibrant neighborhoods with safe, quality homes.” 

Dunkirk Mayor Kate Wdowiasz said, “Thank you Governor Hochul for bringing the first Pro Housing Communities together to celebrate our official certification. The City of Dunkirk is proud to be among the first communities to be a part of this program and look forward to our continued partnership with New York State.” 

Canton Mayor Michael E. Dalton said, “The Village and Town of Canton understand the real need for a variety of housing opportunities in our community. Our Economic Development Steering Committee completed a housing survey several years ago to identify what was needed to support our businesses and higher education resources. We have documented the housing need in our region that impacts all our residents, of all ages and income levels. The Village and Town both moved resolutions, taking the Pro-Housing pledge this past fall, knowing that we need to make housing a priority. We are proud to have been among the initial communities to take this Pro-Housing pledge and to receive this designation.” 

Mineola Mayor Paul Pereira said, “The Village of Mineola is proud to be recognized by New York State as a pro-housing community. Mineola has been leading the way on Long Island in smart growth and transit-oriented development for nearly two decades. The village is looking forward to working with our partners in state government to continue to grow in a manner that makes sense for the community while meeting the growing needs for housing on Long Island.” 

Canton Town Supervisor Mary Ann Ashley said, "The Town and Village of Canton Economic Development Consortium and Economic Development Steering Committee have been in existence for well over fifteen years. For the past few years, a primary focus has been addressing housing needs in our town.  A Steering Committee recommendation was to pass a Pro-Housing resolution pledging to take positive steps to alleviate the housing crisis. On October 25, 2023, at a quarterly joint meeting, the Town and Village passed a resolution proclaiming our assurance to take steps to address the housing needs that exist in our community. We are honored and grateful to have been chosen as part of the first Pro-Housing Community designations.  We sincerely appreciate Governor Hochul's commitment in addressing the housing crisis and supporting our efforts in the Town and Village of Canton." 

Plattsburgh Town Supervisor Michael S. Cashman said, “Amid New York's housing crisis taking proactive steps is essential for sustainable growth and affordability. Governor Hochul's commitment to addressing this challenge is apparent in her ambitious plans. By incentivizing local governments, we can collectively pave the way for a stronger and more affordable future. The Town of Plattsburgh remains dedicated to prioritizing housing, without giving up Home Rule governance. With comprehensive land use plans, Smart Growth Plans, and updated subdivision regulations; we plan the work and work the plan. We have led over these last years and that work continue. We are proud to be designated Pro Housing Community. “ 

North Elba Town Councilmember Emily Kilburn Politi said, "This certification reflects our commitment to fostering inclusive, sustainable neighborhoods and improving access to quality housing for all residents. There's still more to accomplish, and we are eager to collaborate with Governor Hochul and her administration to advance the Pro-Housing Community initiative." 

Governor Hochul’s Long-Term Housing Strategy

Governor Hochul is committed to addressing New York’s housing crisis by giving localities the tools they need to increase their housing supply, protecting current and prospective tenants and homeowners, and making it even easier to access and apply for affordable housing. As part of her 2024 State of the State, the Governor announced measures to help New York City address its housing shortage; a $500 million fund to unlock up to 15,000 units of housing on state-owned land; and actions to combat discrimination against low- and moderate-income New Yorkers using Section 8 housing vouchers and affordable housing providers. The Governor's Executive Budget proposal also includes measures to further enhance protections for homeowners and families against deed theft.