CP Rochester Transition Apartments
January 26, 2021

HCR, CP Rochester and Partners Dedicate $1.1 Million Supportive Development For Young Adults With Disabilities

HCR, CP Rochester and Partners Dedicate $1.1 Million Supportive Development For Young Adults With Disabilities
Transition Apartments in Henrietta Will Prepare Individuals with Intellectual, Developmental Disabilities to Live Independently

New York State Homes and Community Renewal, CP Rochester and partners today held a virtual grand opening of a $1.1 million seven-unit residence for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. CP Rochester Transition Apartments will provide residents with the skills necessary to lead independent lives in a supportive and nurturing atmosphere.

Our investment in CP Rochester Transition Apartments is an example of Governor Cuomo’s commitment to increasing housing opportunities for all New Yorkers in need, said HCR Commissioner RuthAnne Visnauskas. “We are proud to partner with CP Rochester on this $1.1 million development which is providing seven young adults with a home to call their own and the tools they need to transition to independent living.”

“CP Rochester realized an unmet need for young adults with physical, cognitive, and developmental disabilities to access community-based housing and begin the transition from living with families and caregivers to building a life for themselves within the community,” said Mary Walsh Boatfield, President and CEO of CP Rochester. “These individuals have a strong desire to pursue and create their own plan for community housing. The transition apartments are a stepping-stone to independent living that provides a safety net to young adults leaving their family home or certified setting for the first time.”

Rather than construct a new building for the transition apartments, CP Rochester renovated a former Individualized Residential Alternative building jointly owned by CP Rochester and Al Sigl Community of Agencies.

CP Rochester's transitional residence design includes seven 600 square foot, one-bedroom apartments with a common room, kitchenette and living space. Individuals are provided support through the New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities, focusing on developing the skills necessary to live in a traditional, community-based apartment. Training is provided in money management, health and safety, community access, home maintenance, cooking, nutrition and self-care.

Residents will develop independent living skills while in the transition apartments and will naturally shift to more autonomous community living within a one- to two-year period. This living experience will offer individuals access to staff 24/7. The small, secured apartment setting will allow tenants to learn the skills necessary to be successful in an apartment while reducing risks (such as locking doors, checking visitors' identity, learning to protect personal information, etc.). Tenants will bond with others who are going through similar experiences.

The total project cost is $1,060,000. HCR provided $413,050 through its Small Rental Development Initiative and The Golisano Foundation provided $240,000. Additional support came from Battle Construction Corporation, Wegmans, SWBR Architects, Al Sigl Community of Agencies, and The Lodestar Foundation.

This is the second development of its kind in the Greater Rochester area and Finger Lakes region. The original transition apartments opened in Ontario County in 2014 and have proven to be a successful model, assisting 26 individuals in reaching their goal of independent living made possible through a lead gift from The Golisano Foundation.

New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities Commissioner Theodore A. Kastner said, “OPWDD is committed to affording people with developmental disabilities the opportunity to have a home in the community where they can enjoy their neighborhoods while receiving the services they need and want. CP Rochester Transition Apartments is just one in a number of residential opportunities resulting from Governor Cuomo’s continuing commitment to opening the doors to community living for the people we support.”

Assemblymember Harry Bronson said, “I want to applaud CP Rochester, New York State Homes and Community Renewal, The Golisano Foundation and the many other partners in this vital housing program. The CP Rochester Transition Apartments not only provide shelter for the young men and women who will live there, it will provide wrap-around services for residents so they can safely take the next steps toward their own personal growth. This program is an important step in the growth of our brothers and sisters with disabilities and I know how much this means for their families.”

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello said, “Congratulations to CP Rochester and partners on the grand opening of the CP Rochester Transition Apartments.  We are inspired by CP Rochester’s commitment to providing young adults that have physical, cognitive or developmental disabilities with accessible housing and the opportunity to transition to living more independently. Safe, reliable, and quality housing for all people is one of the keys to a successful community. We hope that this is just the beginning of these developments so that we can continue to help support those in need throughout our community.”

Henrietta Town Supervisor Steve Schultz said, “The Town of Henrietta was pleased to work with CP Rochester and Al Sigl Community of Agencies to secure all of the necessary approvals for this site and are very excited about the important difference these apartments are already having in people’s lives.”

CP Rochester’s Transition Apartments offer seven young adults who have a developmental disability an opportunity to take their first “big step” of moving into their own home.

Ms. Fallon Kane states, “When I first arrived to the apartments, I was nervous to be on my own in a new space. As time went on, I became more comfortable and started to feel more independent. My advice for anyone who’s nervous and thinking about coming to the apartments is that you won’t know till you try.”                          

Mr. Tyler Davis adds, “I like living in the apartment because it gives me the space and opportunity to be more independent and to practice some of my favorite things like cooking on a new stove, working on puzzles, and making new friends.”




About CP Rochester

Celebrating its 75th anniversary, CP Rochester has provided clinical, residential, educational, and personal support services to adults and children with physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities and their families. Since 1946, CP Rochester has made a difference in the lives of 3,000 people served every year in Monroe and surrounding counties.