Office of Rent Administration Transparency Initiative

Office of Rent Administration Transparency Initiative


The Office of Rent Administration is adding the following information to its website to increase transparency to the public: case processing data, key metrics, and appeal decisions also known as Petitions for Administrative Review (PAR). This page will be updated periodically. Please check back for monthly and/or quarterly updates.

Our Core Case Processing

The Core Case Processing Data provides a summary of the number of orders issued by the Office of Rent Administration in which the application was granted or granted in part. Data is being supplied for the following case types: rent overcharges, lease renewals, services, and major capital improvements.

For the month of December 2022, the Office of Rent Administration issued: 

  • 121 Decrease in Service orders directing that repairs be made, and rents lowered until such time that repairs are made.
  • 91 Owner Restoration orders finding repairs were made and directing rents to be restored.
  • 20 Rent Overcharge orders establishing legal rents and directing refunds in the amount of $247,501.54.
  • 31 Major Capital Improvement orders increasing legal rents for the installations of new items such as boilers, windows, and roofs valued in the amount of $23,363,358.22.
  • 26 Lease Renewal orders directing owners to correct lease violations. 

Key Metrics

Key metrics provide a snapshot of the current rent regulated stock and show trends over time as reporting increases. Data definitions and technical notes that explain the metrics are included.


Key Metrics of the Rent Regulated System (2022)

Petition for Administrative Review (PAR) Orders

An owner or tenant who wants to appeal a Rent Administrator's order may file a Petition for Administrative Review (PAR) with the Office of Rent Administration (ORA). PAR decisions may be appealed by the owner or tenant in an Article 78 proceeding in court and may be affirmed, denied, or remanded to DHCR for further review. Article 78 related information is not provided on this page.

The following links contain PAR orders issued by the Office of Rent Administration on a quarterly basis:


October - December


July - September


April - June


January - March



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