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Online Services for Owners and Managers

Online Services for Owners and Managers



Please Note: All Office of Rent Administration (ORA) applications/online services are unavailable from approximately 12:30 am to 2:00 am each day.

Case Status Inquiry

Users who have submitted an application with ORA can use the docket number to receive an update on the status of their case.

Rent Regulated Building Search

This search function can be used by entering a building address or zip code to determine if the building has ever been registered with ORA. It will identify the most recent registration year filed. Inclusion on the search list is not determinative of the building’s current status.

Rent Regulated Building Search

Owner Rent Regulation Applications

Welcome to the Owner Rent Regulation Applications (ORRA) system.  This system will contain various applications that owners file with DHCR. ORRA currently consists of five applications: 


Individual Apartment Improvement Notification
Annual Rent Registration Online (ARRO) read more
Maximum Base Rent (MBR) read more
Owner’s Application to Restore Rent read more
ETPA Guideline Survey Schedule read more


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Passwords not used within the past 90 days have expired and will need to be reset. To reset your password, click here.


Amendments and Add-On apartments are not submitted in ARRO. Refer to documents Restrictions and Directions Filing Amended Registrations and Directions on Filing “Add-Ons” To A Previously Filed Registration.


Owners and their Managing Agents and filing representatives will benefit from reviewing registration material together prior to submitting the ARRO registration to avoid duplicate submissions and related processing delays.


To create an account for access to the Owner Rent Regulation Applications, please email [email protected] requesting for access and include:
(1) Your name, (2) your organization name (if applicable), (3) your actual, physical street mailing address and (4) your phone number.  Send this email using the email address to be associated with the ORRA account.  You will receive a User ID and password via email.


Take note:

  • One account can register multiple buildings by adding them to the Building List.  You will need the DHCR Building Registration Number for each building.  To learn this number, enter the address into DHCR’s Rent Regulated Building Search.
  • The account administrator can add multiple account users after logging in by going to Administration and then User Maintenance.


If you already have an account and you have forgotten your login information, refer to the links below:

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Please Note: All DHCR applications/online services are unavailable from approximately 12:30 am to 2:00 am each day.


Maximum Base Rent Master Building Rent Schedule

Building owners who receive ORA-approved rent increases for apartments subject to Rent Control are required to file this schedule with ORA and supply updated information on tenants and rents.

Maximum Base Rent Master Building Rent Schedule

Owner's Report of Vacancy Decontrol

When an apartment subject to Rent Control becomes vacant and is not longer subject to Rent Control, this report is required to be filed with ORA within 30 days of the start of the next rental.

Owner's Report of Vacancy Decontrol