Owner’s Application to Restore Rent

Owner’s Application to Restore Rent


The Division of Housing and Community Renewal’s Office of Rent Administration is pleased to announce a new online application for owners who wish to have apartment rents restored when they have completed previously ordered repairs. This application is used to file an Owner's Application to Restore Rent based on a restoration of services that were deemed not maintained by a rent reduction Order that was filed after 1/1/2000. Valid rent reduction orders include:

Tenant Individual Apartment Decreased Service cases (S)

Tenant Building-wide Decreased Service cases (B)

Tenant Heat/Hot Water cases (HW)

If you previously filed Annual Rent Registrations or a Maximum Based Rent application online, your User ID and Password will be the same for this application. If you have not previously used the system, please email [email protected] to request access to the Owner Rent Regulation Applications system.  Include your name, organization name (if applicable), mailing address and phone number in your correspondence. You will receive a User ID and password via email.