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Pro-Housing Community Program


In July 2023, Governor Hochul signed Executive Order 30 creating the Pro-Housing Community Program – an innovative policy designed to reward local governments that are working hard to address New York’s housing crisis.

Localities that achieve the “Pro-Housing Communities” designation will receive priority in their applications for key discretionary funding programs, including the Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI), the NY Forward program, the Regional Council Capital Fund, capital projects from the Market New York program, the New York Main Street program, the Long Island Investment Fund (LIIF), the Mid-Hudson Momentum Fund, and the Public Transportation Modernization Enhancement Program (MEP).


Pro-Housing Community Program Webinar - 3/6/2024

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Pro-Housing Community Program 3/6/24

Pro-Housing Community Program webinar - 1/26/24

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Video discussion about the Pro-Housing Community Program
Pro-Housing Community Program webinar - 11/29/23

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Video: Pro-Housing Community Program Webinar

Program Requirements

The Pro-Housing Community Program will provide prioritization in scoring for certified Pro-Housing Communities. Municipalities can apply for certification based on factors assessing their success in promoting housing growth and commitment to identifying impediments to housing growth.

Municipalities must submit an application to HCR to be designated as a “Pro-Housing Community”. Municipalities can start the process by sending a letter of intent from an authorized official to the program email at [email protected].

Next, all applicants will fill out templates provided below to document and verify local zoning codes and information detailing local housing permit approvals over the past five years.

If a municipality can show through the permitting documentation that they have approved either:

  • Permits increasing their housing stock by 1% (downstate) or 0.33% (upstate) over the past year OR
  • Permits increasing their housing stock by 3% (downstate) or 1% (upstate) over the past THREE years,

After their data submission has been reviewed, they will be notified of their certification within 90 days.

For localities that have not seen housing growth, they can still be certified as a Pro-Housing Community by submitting their data and having the municipal governing body pass the Pro-Housing Resolution (linked below). After the municipality submits the executed resolution and the data has been reviewed, they will be notified of their certification within 90 days.

To support communities that receive this certification, the Governor’s executive order requires the prioritization of those municipalities who have been certified as Pro-Housing over those that have not in applications for specific discretionary funding programs.

HCR will review program applications on a rolling basis, providing approval or denial within 90 days of submission. Localities must resubmit their housing permit data and any updates to their zoning on an annual basis by the end of Q1 (March 31) of the next year to remain certified and qualify for prioritization.

Pro-Housing Submission Requirements

Step 1: Submit a letter of intent from an authorized official to HCR at [email protected]. Once HCR receives the letter of intent, the team will send the municipality the link to submit the documentation.

Submission Requirements: Option 1

Submission Requirements: Option 2

As your municipality completes the required documentation, you may upload the files to HCR at the link provided after your letter of intent. 

Additional Information

  • Read the one-page summary of the program here.
  • Instructions for the zoning code summary are here; instructions for the planning/permit summary are here.
  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions here.
  • HCR will schedule a webinar to review the program and how to complete the documentation in September; the recording will be posted here afterwards.
  • If you have specific questions, you can email the team at [email protected].

Executive Actions on Housing

Governor Kathy Hochul has laid out a bold vision to address New York’s housing crisis by increasing the housing supply, and she remains committed to working with the Legislature to make the State more affordable and more livable for all New Yorkers.

The actions include a program to advance residential projects halted by the expiration of 421-A that include affordable housing in the Gowanus neighborhood in Brooklyn; an executive order establishing preference in certain discretionary funding programs for localities across the state that comply with a new “Pro-Housing Community” certification process; a new requirement that all State entities identify the potential for their state-owned lands to support housing; recent and forthcoming regulatory initiatives to identify opportunities for greater efficiencies to promote housing growth; and the launch of the beta version of a new, interactive portal to collect and share community-level housing and zoning data and information on an ongoing basis.

Read more:


Tracking Housing Growth

A beta version of the Housing Data Dashboard has been launched in order to share currently available housing production data, help local governments identify challenges, and track progress on housing growth in communities across the state.

Pro-Housing Communities Dashboard

New York State Housing Statistics


Pro-Housing Community Program Executive Order

Governor Hochul’s 2023 Executive Order directing State Agencies, Authorities, and Entities to prioritize the allocation of certain discretionary funds to those localities that promote the construction of housing.

To read the Governor’s Executive Order, visit: