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New York Codes, Rules and Regulations (NYCRR)

Pursuant to Section 202-d of the State Administrative Procedure Act (SAPA), the following Agenda sets forth a list and brief description of the subject matter of regulatory amendments to 9 NYCRR which the Division of Housing and Community Renewal (DHCR) is considering proposing during 2012.

The DHCR's regulatory plans are subject to change, and it reserves the right to add to, delete from, or modify items on the Agenda without further notice. SAPA Section 202-d does not preclude the DHCR from proposing a rule for adoption that is not described in this Agenda, nor is the DHCR required to propose any rule for adoption that is described in this Agenda.

This notice is also intended to provide small businesses, local governments, and public and private interests in rural areas with the opportunity to participate in the rule making process, as provided for in SAPA Section 202-b and 202-bb.

Agency Contact Person:

Information may be obtained, and written comments may be submitted for consideration, by contacting:
Francis DeMartini
DHCR Office of Legal Affairs
25 Beaver St.
New York, NY 10004
(212) 480-7471

Office of Housing Management

9 NYCRR 1750

A comprehensive review of the rules regarding the voluntary dissolution of Mitchell-Lama developments in order to clarify and update the rules.

9 NYCRR (Various)

Possible promulgation of rules governing the implementation of no smoking or limited smoking policies in DHCR's public housing and assisted/subsidized housing portfolio and in other HCR assisted/subsidized housing programs.

Date: April 5, 2011

9 NYCRR (Various) (Part 1601, et. seq. and other sections of Chapter III of Subtitle S, as necessary)

Amend rules related to housing authority reporting requirements, in order to clarify the scope of DHCR supervisory authority and conform the rules to agency practices.

Date: September 25, 2012

Office of Rent Administration

9 NYCRR (Various)(Subpart B, Part 2100 et seq., Subpart D, Part 2200 et seq., Subtitle S, Chapter VIII, Subchapter A, Part 2500, et seq., Subchapter B, Part 2520 et seq.)

Promulgation and amendment of rules governing housing accommodations subject to  the Emergency Tenant Protection Act,  the  Rent Stabilization Law  and  the  New York City and State  Rent Control Laws to reflect modification of  various substantive and procedural provisions, where appropriate, with respect to such matters as rent setting, overcharges, provision of  services, enforcement, major capitol improvements, service of papers, deregulation, notices, and lease provisions based on suggestions received by regulated parties, DHCR’s  own experience in administration, and court cases decided since the last major set of amendments to these rules in 2000.

Date:March 25, 2013

9 NYCRR (Various)(Subpart B, Part 2100 et seq., Subpart D, Part 2200 et seq., Subtitle S, Chapter VIII, Subchapter A, Part 2500, et seq., Subchapter B, Part 2520 et seq.)

Promulgation and amendment of rules governing Rent Stabilization and Rent Control to conform to changes made by the Laws of 2011, Chapter 97, Part B and the Laws of 2009, Chapter 480 with respect to the amounts of administrative fines, high rent vacancy and high rent/high income deregulations thresholds and the amortization formula with respect to individual apartment improvements for buildings of thirty-five units or more.

Date: April 19, 2012

Division of Housing and Community Renewal

9 NYCRR Part 2658

Promulgation of rules, pursuant to Executive Order No. 38, dated January 18, 2012, as continued by Executive Order No. 43, dated April 13, 2012, governing the use of State funds and State-authorized payments for administrative costs and executive compensation of providers of program services to members of the public.

Date: May 16, 2012

This agenda was prepared and submitted by:

Gary R. Connor
General Counsel
25 Beaver Street
New York, New York 10004
(212) 480-6709