Rent Hearings - Conference Information

Prehearing Conference

A prehearing conference is held via videoconference prior to the hearing. The conference primarily serves as a means to explore settlement possibilities, preparation of stipulations, clarification of issues and matters pertaining to discovery. A building owner (or their representative) must attend a prehearing conference, however, a tenant’s appearance is typically not required.

Video Conference

A party who objects to a hearing or prehearing conference via videoconference should notify their assigned Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) via e-mail at least three business days prior to the date of the proceeding. The opposing party may submit a response to the request within two business days. The ALJ will render a decision and notify the parties.

Failure to call into the remote hearing using the instructions provided in the Notice of Hearing by 15 minutes after the start time will be treated as a non-appearance and the hearing will proceed without you and without further consultation with you, make a determination based solely on the evidence of record, including that received at the hearing.