Rent Registration

Rent Registration


This page is a guide for owners to file initial and annual rent registrations with the Office of Rent Administration (ORA). New York State Law requires owners of buildings with rent stabilized apartments to file apartment registrations and to provide each tenant in occupancy with a copy of the registration as it pertains to the tenant’s unit.

Initial registrations are required to be filed on paper forms for the registration year the building first becomes subject to Rent Stabilization. This section contains forms and instructions for all buildings including those that have become subject to rent stabilization due to receipt of tax abatement benefits such as 421-A, and/or a NYC Regulatory Agreement.

Annual registration filings are required to reflect apartment information for April 1 of the registration year and can be submitted through the Owner Rent Regulation Application (ORRA) online system.

Owner of rent stabilized premises are required to file initial registration statements with DHCR for each unit covered by the rent laws within ninety (90) days of such premises becoming subject to rent stabilization. Owner of rent stabilized premises are also required to file annual registration statements with the DHCR for each unit covered by the rent laws by July 31st of the registration year. Registrations submitted after the aforementioned deadlines are considered delinquent. The rent laws subject the owner of rent regulated premises to a fine of five hundred dollars per unregistered unit for each month registrations are delinquent. For more information, please see Operational Bulletin 2024-1.

Initial Rent Registration

Initial Rent Registration is required for all rent regulated buildings.

To file your registration, mail or hand-deliver your complete submission to:


Office of Rent Administration
Attn: Rent Registration Unit
92-31 Union Hall St., 6th Floor
Jamaica, NY 11433


Initial Rent Registration Instructions  

RR-1(i): Apartment Registration Form (submit one for each apartment)

RR-2(i): Building Summary Form (submit one per building)

RR-3(i): Building Services Form (submit one per building)


For directions to complete these forms, see the Initial Rent Registration Instructions link above or the instructions that apply to your building in the list below.



Annual Rent Registration Online (ARRO)

Annual Rent Registration is required for all rent regulated buildings.

Annual Rent Registration Online (ARRO) is an application of the Owner Rent Regulation Applications (ORRA) system that is used to register rent regulated buildings from 2001 forward.

To request paper forms for annual registration of the years 2000 and prior or for assistance with questions about registration procedures, how to obtain a user ID and password, and other registration issues, please send an email request to [email protected]


Visit Owner Rent Regulation Applications to learn more and login.


Please Note: All DHCR applications/online services are unavailable from approximately 12:30 am to 2:00 am each day.


Please review the following instructions and FAQs:



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    Advisory Opinion #91-1: Multi-Tier Rent Orders

    This Advisory Opinion contains information on the conditions that may be set forth in a DHCR order when a governmental agency or public benefit corporation and DHCR enter into an agreement regarding rent registrations that require the registration of more than one rent for each apartment.