Rent Registration

Rent Registration

Rent Registration


This page is a guide for Owners to file an annual rent registrations and initial registrations with the Office of Rent Administration (ORA). New York State Law requires owners of housing accommodations to file apartment registrations, and provide each tenant in occupancy with a copy of the registration as it pertains to the tenant’s unit.

Annual registration information reflects apartment information for April 1 of the registration year and is be submitted through the Owner Rent Regulation Application (ORRA) online system.

Owners of rent regulated buildings not registered with ORA will need to file a paper initial registration submission of information applicable to the registration year the building first became subject to Rent Stabilization. The building is usually newly constructed and has become subject to Rent Stabilization due to  receipt of 421-A Tax Benefits and/or a NYC Regulatory Agreement.

Annual Rent Registration Online (ARRO)

Annual Rent Registration Online (ARRO) is an application of the Owner Rent Regulation Applications (ORRA) system.  The system has multiple applications for owners to file various submissions online with ORA.  Click Owner Rent Regulation Applications to learn more and login.

ARRO is used to register rent regulated properties from 2001 forward. 

For annual registrations for 2000 and prior, send an email request for blank forms to [email protected], specifying the registration year(s).

Since its inception in 2010, over 60,000 buildings and 1,000,000 apartments have successfully registered using ARRO.

Data can be entered at any time; however, the ability to SUBMIT the current year registration is not available until April 1.

If you have just acquired the building, please also file Form #RA-44: Owners Report Change of Ownership or Address.

The Forms & Reports function provides the ability to print:

  • Annual registration summary forms

  • Annual apartment registration forms for tenants

  • Certified Rent Rolls and Owner Receipts

  • Certified Registration Apartment Information rent histories for 5 years or All years

As a registered user of ARRO, you will be able to add and manage additional users that can access and submit your registration data. This function is available under Administration – User Maintenance.

  • HSTPA Annual Rent Registration Online (ARRO) Update

  • ARRO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • ARRO Third Party Filing Procedures

  • ARRO Data Upload Instructions 2010-2019

  • ARRO Data Upload Instructions 2020 and Later

  • Directions on Filing “Add-Ons” to a Previously Filed Registration

  • Restrictions and Directions on Filing Amended Registrations


Click Owner Rent Regulation Applications to learn more and login.

Take note that separate from ORRA, the owner forms below can also be completed online:

RA-42V-NYC - Owner's Report of Vacancy Decontrol
RMB - Maximum Base Rent Master Building Rent Schedule


Please Note: All DHCR applications/online services are unavailable from approximately 12:30 am to 2:00 am each day.

Initial Rent Registration

Initial Rent Registration is required for rent regulated buildings not registered with ORA.

To learn if a registration statement is on file with ORA for your building, you can enter the address into DHCR’s Rent Regulated Building SearchYou can also file a Request For Records Access - (Form REC-1) by emailing the completed form with proof of ownership (deed or tax bill) to [email protected].

To file, mail or hand-deliver your complete submission to DHCR’s Gertz Plaza location.  The size of your submission will depend on the number of apartments in your building and involves 3 different paper forms:

RR-1(I ): Apartment Registration Form (submit one for each apartment)

RR-2(i) : Building Summary Form (submit one per building)

RR-3(i) : Building Services Form (submit one per building)


For directions to complete these forms, click the link that applies to your building among the list of different instructions below.



* Effective April 1, 2016 these forms should be submitted to DHCR/ORA, Rent Registration Unit, 92-31 Union Hall Street Jamaica, NY 11433 and should not be submitted to Hampton Plaza , Albany, NY

** Special Note- Owners of buildings in the Village of Ossining- you will be provided with specific Initial Registration Instructions by mail.


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    Advisory Opinion #91-1: Multi-Tier Rent Orders

    This Advisory Opinion contains information on the conditions that may be set forth in a DHCR order when a governmental agency or public benefit corporation and DHCR enter into an agreement regarding rent registrations that require the registration of more than one rent for each apartment.