Resilient Retrofit

Resilient Retrofits


As part of New York State’s 2017 Housing Plan, the Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Retrofit Program (“Resilient Retrofits”) will make available a combination of low-interest loans and grants to low and moderate income single-family homeowners whose homes are located in flood-prone areas or have been damaged due to heavy rainfall, enabling them to render their homes more resilient to flood damage and if, desired, to decrease their greenhouse gas emission consumption by improving the energy efficiency of the home and/or electrification of the home’s heating and cooling systems.   

Home retrofit scopes may include closing off living-space below the base-flood elevation (BFE), adding better insulation to the envelope, installing high-efficient fixtures and appliances, and replacing aged, fossil fuel combustion heating and cooling systems with electric cold climate heat pumps and raising all mechanicals above the BFE. Onsite generation paired with these measures, such as solar panels or battery back with battery back-up may also be included. 

HCR’s Local Program Administrator is: 

Home Headquarters Inc.

Website Link: NYS Resilient Retrofits — Home HeadQuarters (


 Sub-Recipient Partner:

Community Development Corporation of Long Island (CDCLI)

Website Link: NYS Resilient Retrofits Program - CDCLI


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Locations & Applications

This program is available in all counties of the state. Link to the application here: NYS Resilient Retrofits — Home HeadQuarters (

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