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Homes and Community Renewal (HCR) is currently reviewing submissions for the Vital Brooklyn RFP: Sites A, B, C, D. Vital Brooklyn is New York State’s new comprehensive community development initiative that addresses chronic social, economic, and health disparities in Central Brooklyn, one of the most underserved areas in the State. The creation of affordable and safe housing can anchor a healthy community, and is key to the initiative’s success.
The RFP was released on April 26, 2018


Vital Brooklyn RFP Registration and Download

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Corrections & Addendums

An earlier version of this document had incorrect details on Page 11.
The correct information is now in the RFP and below:

Description of Site

Site D is a rectangular parcel located at 528 Prospect Place in Brooklyn Community District 8. It consists of the southern portion of Block 1163, Lot 10 fronting Park Place and is approximately 13,300 square feet. Lot 10 will be subdivided; as shown in the tax lot map in Appendix D, Site D will measure 131 feet to the east and west and 102 feet to the north and south. The site is located on Park Place, between Classon Avenue and Franklin Avenue. Adjacent to the site on the north is the three-story Bishop Orris G. Walker, Jr. Health Center; to the east and south of the site are three, four and five-story row homes, and to the west of the site is the five-story Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation. Site D is currently used as a 40-space surface parking lot for the Health Center.


Vital Brooklyn RFP Sites ABCD Addendum 1

A. Update Issued on Interfaith Herkimer (Site A): The number of parking
spaces has decreased from 110 spaces to approximately 90 spaces to be
located on the Interfaith property on Block 1705, Lot 1 in parking stackers.
Please see Question 26 in the Q&A for more information regarding updated
requirements for proposals.
B. Questions and Answers- Enclosed is a summary of questions and answers
in response to questions sent to the HCR Vital Brooklyn RFP email address.
C. Contact Information- Contact Information is provided for those individuals
who downloaded the RFP and indicated that they are willing to share their
contact information.