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Latest construction update


June was a month of remarkable construction progress for Living Breakwaters! Breakwater ‘F’ is nearly complete. The contractor shifted focus to placing armor stone on the trunk and building the reef ridges of Breakwater ‘H’. This breakwater is expected to be mostly complete by the end of July. At Breakwater ‘G’, the reef ridges are starting to take shape with the placement of ecological armor units and toe armor stone. This breakwater will be the last of the eight breakwaters to be completed and should be done by the end of August. It will be a busy summer at the Breakwaters!

The last shipment of reef ridge core stone arrived from Carver Quarry in Johnstown, NY, in June. The final shipment of armor stone from Silvi Quarry in Belle Mead, NJ, is expected in July.

The Project Team also conducted a dive to observe the underwater conditions at Breakwaters 'B', 'C', 'D', and 'E' and noted active marine life on both the ocean and lee sides of the structures. Check out the fun fact below to see the underwater wildlife that the divers discovered!

Image Descriptions

  • Left: Aerial photo of Living Breakwaters ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, and ‘D’ (Credit: WMI + Bernstein Associates, April 2024)
  • Center: Aerial photo of Living Breakwaters (Credit: WMI + Bernstein Associates, April 2024)
  • Right: Aerial photo of construction at Breakwaters ‘E’,‘F’, ‘G’, and ‘H’  (Credit: WMI + Bernstein Associates, April 2024)

Living Breakwaters June 2024 Construction Map and Images


As part of the Living Breakwaters construction process, observation dives to confirm the breakwaters have been constructed as designed are performed periodically. The last dive took place just a few weeks ago, and camera footage caught glimpses of some underwater wildlife while the divers were at it! Below, you may see crabs at Breakwater ‘B’ and some colorful seaweeds and sponges at Breakwater ‘C’ and ‘D’.

Image Descriptions

  • Left Top: Common Spider Crab at Breakwater ‘B’ (Credit: COWI, June 2024)
  • Left Bottom: Atlantic Blue Crab at Breakwater ‘B’ (Credit: COWI, June 2024)
  • Right Top: Agardh’s Red Weed and Sea Lettuce on an armor stone at Breakwater ‘C’ (Credit: COWI, June 2024)
  • Right Bottom: Red Beard Sponge on a marine mattress at Breakwater ‘D’ (Credit: COWI, June 2024)

Living Breakwaters June 2024 Dive Encounters


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Project Timeline Details


Breakwater construction will generally proceed from the southwest, where the first breakwater will be installed, to the northeast. Partially constructed breakwaters may or may not be visible above water. Construction barges will be moored in the vicinity of the construction zone and will be marked with lights on four corners. Anchors will also be marked with lighted buoys. During work hours, divers will be present in the water. Mariners and recreational craft should avoid this area and keep their closest point of approach at least 0.5 nautical miles (3,308 feet) from buoys, lighted posts, and barges. Please refer to the Local Notice to Mariners for more information.

Mariners' navigation map for the living breakwaters project

Shoreline Restoration


Click here for a printable version of the flyer below.

Living Breakwaters February 2024 Shoreline Restoration Flyer

Shoreline restoration map

If you have additional questions about the Shoreline Restoration, please visit Shoreline Restoration FAQ’s page.