RHC - Construction Updates

Project Timeline Details


Start Date: Summer 2015
Completion Date: Fall 2019



Start Date: Winter 2019
Completion Date: Winter 2020



Start Date: August 2021
Projected Completion Date: Fall 2024



Total Funding: $114,000,000



  • HUD Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery $97,118,843
  • New York State - $16,881,157


Includes Funding for:

  • Design/Permitting/Planning
  • Construction and Administration
  • Social Resiliency Programming
Infographic of the timeline

 The breakwaters will be constructed from the southwest to the northeast (see plan below) between the summer/fall of 2021 and the end of 2024. The shoreline restoration component will start January 2024 and continue through April 2024.



Breakwater construction will generally proceed from the southwest, where the first breakwater will be installed, to the northeast. Partially constructed breakwaters may or may not be visible above water. Construction barges will be moored in the vicinity of the construction zone and will be marked with lights on four corners. Anchors will also be marked with lighted buoys. During work hours, divers will be present in the water. Mariners and recreational craft should avoid this area and keep their closest point of approach at least 0.5 nautical miles (3,308 feet) from buoys, lighted posts, and barges. Please refer to the Local Notice to Mariners for more information.

Mariners' navigation map for the living breakwaters project
Latest construction update


In January, the construction team continued to advance work on Breakwater ‘F’ - placing armor stone on the lee side and building out the reef ridges on the ocean side. The team expects to reach Breakwater ‘F’ crest elevation in February. The contractor will then start placing armor stone on Breakwaters ‘G’ and ‘H’, which are the last two breakwaters in the system. Final touch-up works on Breakwaters ‘C’, ‘D,’ and ‘E’ are also ongoing to bring these breakwaters to completion.  

Because of inclement weather, Shoreline Restoration work was pushed two weeks and started at the end of January with site preparation work. Sand placement will begin in February and continue through April this year.

Image Descriptions
- Left: Aerial photos of Living Breakwaters (Credit: WMI + Bernstein Associates, December 2023)
- Center: Photo of Shoreline Restoration fencing (Credit: Baird, January 2024)
- Right: View from the beach (Credit: WMI + Bernstein Associates, December 2023)

Aerial photos of Living Breakwaters

From August 2022 to August 2023, our amazing construction team captured and compiled a time lapse video of construction at Breakwater ‘E’, viewable in the video below. It is so exciting to watch the progression of the breakwater from the laying out of the construction envelope, to seeing the trunk of the breakwater rise up above the water, to observing the reef ridges get placed and thinking about all the marine life that have moved in and called the breakwaters their new homes!

Image Descriptions 
- Breakwater ‘E’ Construction Time Lapse Video (Credit: WMI, August 2022-August 2023)

Alternative Text
Alternative Text
Living Breakwaters Construction Timelapse August 2022-2023


Shoreline Restoration

Shoreline restoration flyer

Shoreline restoration map

If you have additional questions about the Shoreline Restoration, please visit Shoreline Restoration FAQ’s page.