Steps in HCR Benchmarking Program

Steps in HCR Benchmarking Program

A. Management Company/Owner of Properties in HCR Portfolio

  1. Select and hire a qualified benchmarking service provider, or renew an existing contract with a qualified benchmarking service provider.
  2. Collect basic property information and complete please complete the “HCR Provider Information Intake Form” as well as the “HCR Property Information Intake Form” so that HCR has a better understanding of the systems within your property.
  3. Submit the completed intake forms to HCR by March 1 of each year.
  4. Work with the benchmarking service provider to ensure access to utility accounts.
  5. Ensure that the data is submitted through Portfolio Manager to HCR by May 1 of each year.

B. HCR Staff and HCR Benchmarking Consultant

  1. Work with the housing companies to answer questions and ensure that the intake forms are properly completed by the March 1 deadline.
  2. Document compliance with HCR.

C. Benchmarking Service Providers retained by Management Company

  1. Create a Portfolio Manager account for the property and populate the account with the necessary physical characteristics (number of units, building size, etc.), create utility accounts and populate with monthly energy usage data from previous full calendar year, and the associated energy costs (upstate requirement only). This usage data should include, but not be limited to: all fuel usage (oil, gas, electricity, steam) and water for all owner-paid utilities and the respective costs for each utility (upstate only, downstate properties that are required to submit Local Law 84 information to NYC will follow the LL84 protocols and submit the same information to HCR which requires whole building usage.
  2. Perform quality assurance checks on the data to ensure all necessary energy and water data is included in the Portfolio Manager account.
  3. Ensure that the HCR Identification Number is entered into the proper data field.
  4. On an annual basis prior to May 1 of each year, share the data with HCR through the reporting link that will be provided.

D. Documents to be Submitted

E. Benchmarking Resources: