Surcharges and Fees

Surcharges and Fees


For an overview of surcharges and fees:

Appliance Surcharges

Unless a lease provides otherwise, owners are not required to allow tenants to install washing machines, dryers or dishwashers.

If an owner allows these appliances, they may charge a surcharge that is not a part of the monthly rent calculations or increases.

The owner is not responsible for the upkeep, repair or replacement of these appliances.


To view the chart of allowable charges please view the following operation bulletins:

Air Conditioning Surcharges & Rent Increases

For Electrical Inclusion Buildings
For rent controlled and rent stabilized apartments, where the rent includes the use of electricity, an owner may charge a tenant a surcharge for the use of electricity for each air conditioner that has been installed.


For Electrical Exclusion Buildings

- Tenant Provided New Air Conditioner

The owner may collect a $5.00 per-month surcharge for each unit installed. This does not apply to air conditioners in sleeves.


- Owner Provided New Air Conditioner

When an owner purchases and installs a new air conditioner in an occupied rent controlled or rent stabilized apartment, after having obtained the written consent from the tenant, the owner may charge the tenant an Individual Apartment Improvement rent increase.

For more information about Air Conditioning Surcharges, please see:

Pet Surcharges

The ability to have a pet in a rent stabilized or rent controlled apartment is largely dependent upon the lease.

Owners cannot charge pet registrations or fees as this would constitute increased rent and owners cannot increase rent outside of the legal rent increases.