Overview & Eligibility


The Weatherization Assistance Program helps lower energy costs for income-eligible households.

Weatherization helps reduce energy costs; conserves energy; and improves safety and health standards.

Services are determined after an on-site energy audit.


Households with incomes at or below 60% of state median income are eligible for assistance.  Program services are available to both homeowners and renters, with priority given to senior citizens, families with children, and persons with disabilities.

If a household contains a member who receives Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) benefits or certain other forms of public assistance, the household is automatically eligible for NYS WAP services.  Applications are accepted from renters, homeowners, and rental property owners.  Potential program participants apply by contacting the WAP provider that serves their area.

Both privately owned single-family and multi-family buildings are assisted.  Homeowners, affordable housing developers, property managers, and other housing and community development agencies are encouraged to contact their local NYS WAP provider for more information.

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Applicant FAQ's

What are the benefits of weatherization?

  • helps reduce energy costs;
  • conserves energy;
  • increases comfort in the home;
  • improves safety and health standards;
  • preserves housing; and
  • provides jobs.

How does the program work?

The weatherization program has four steps:

  1. An application is submitted to the local service provider to determine program eligibility;
  2. An energy audit of the home is conducted to identify needs;
  3. The home is weatherized; and
  4. Home is inspected to assure quality of work completed.

What services are included?

Services include but are not limited to:

  • sealing of cracks and holes to reduce heat loss;
  • insulation of attics and walls;
  • heating system repairs or replacement;
  • providing efficient lighting and refrigeration;
  • window and/or outside door repair or replacement;
  • minor repairs which are needed to ensure maximum efficiency of the weatherization services performed; and
  • mitigation of energy-related health and safety issues.

Who does the work?

Program services are delivered through NYS Homes and Community Renewal’s (HCR) statewide network of local service providers who may use their own licensed crews or hire local private contractors to perform the work.

What is the quality of the materials used?

HCR requires providers to purchase and use materials that meet state and federal government standards. HCR offers providers training in quality control and material use.

Is there a charge for weatherization services?

All services are provided without cost to the occupant of the home. However, owners of rental buildings must invest funds toward the cost of weatherization services performed on their property.

Who is eligible for weatherization services?

Eligibility is based on household income relative to federal low-income guidelines. If a household contains a member who receives Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Public Assistance, Food Stamps, or Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) benefits, the household is considered automatically eligible for weatherization services.

Are renters eligible for services?

Yes. Applications are accepted from renters, homeowners, and rental property owners.

What type of home is eligible?

A manufactured or single-family home, an apartment building, and a single room occupied as separate living quarters are all eligible.

Can the weatherization program help me find other sources of energy aid?

Yes. Local providers are knowledgeable in the assistance programs from NYSERDA, the Office for Temporary and Disability Assistance, and gas and electric utility companies.

Who funds the weatherization program?

HCR’s Weatherization Assistance Program is funded by the US Department of Energy. In addition, HCR receives funds for Weatherization activities from the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services through the NYS Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance.

How can I apply?

Contact a local service provider in your county for program information and an application.


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Weatherization Brochure - For frequently asked questions and information about the weatherization program, please download our brochure.

Provider Information

NYS Weatherization Assistance providers who perform these services include community-based not-for-profit organizations, community action agencies, counties, and units of local government. 

To identify the appropriate provider to contact about NYS WAP services, see below.